How to Stop Accidental Cellular Data Usage on iPhone?

Cellular data usage can be a hassle, especially if you have an iPhone 11. It's essential to monitor your data usage, as even the most careful phone user can find themselves at their data limit before they know it. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure that cellular data isn't getting wasted or used accidentally:

Get an unlocked phone

Could you make sure you buy an unlocked iPhone 11? Cheap iPhones are usually locked to a specific network, meaning that any app downloads or updates will use your cellular data plan instead of WiFi. Buying an unlocked iPhone ensures you can take advantage of accessible public Wi-Fi networks whenever possible, saving your monthly data allowance when needed.

Disable cellular data

The simplest way to prevent unnecessary cellular data usage is to turn off your phone's mobile data connection. This will prevent any apps from communicating over your network, and you won't be charged extra at the end of the month. Disable cellular data usage for specific apps. You can easily control which apps can access your cellular data by going into your iPhone 11’s Settings > Cellular Data and scrolling down to the list of apps requesting access. To prevent an app from using your phone’s data, toggle off the switch next to it. You can easily switch this on and off again using the settings menu on your iPhone.

Turn off automatic downloads.

Many apps will automatically update themselves when new versions are released, which can eat up your cellular data allowance in no time. Therefore, automatic downloads can be another primary source of wasted cellular data. To turn this feature off, go into your iPhone 11’s Settings > iTunes and App Store, scroll down to Automatic Downloads and toggle off the switches for Music, Books & Audiobooks, Apps, and Updates.

Disable cellular data for specific apps

You can disable cellular data in the settings menu if you only use a few select apps on your phones, such as Spotify or Netflix. This way, those apps will automatically connect to public Wi-Fi networks when available and won't be using up your monthly allowance.

Set a data limit

Most phones can set a data usage limit, alerting you when you reach your chosen amount. This means that even if you must remember to turn off cellular data for certain apps, you can still be sure that you won't exceed your allocated data allowance.

Monitor your data usage

Make sure you check your monthly data allowance regularly to ensure that you will stay within your limit. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on which apps are using up the most data so that you can adjust your usage accordingly.


These simple steps should help you save your monthly data allowance and prevent accidental cellular data usage on your iPhone. You can save money in the long run by following these simple steps. So if you're looking for a way to stop accidental cellular data usage on iPhone 11, these guidelines should help you.

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